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Commercial HVAC in United Arab Emirates

It’s one thing to be uncomfortable in your commercial space due to an ineffective heating or cooling system. It’s an entirely different story to have an ineffective system in your business or commercial space—where it’s impacting the comfort of your employees, tenants, or customers.

For such a big job, you want a company that specializes in commercial HVAC and indoor air quality jobs—not just any residential service professional can provide the high quality work from educated team like we can here at Skyrome aircondition

We look at your building as a whole, determining not only your needs now but potential methods to further improve and enhance your comfort in the future.

Contact our Skyrome HVAC Expert for your commercial HVAC needs. We are “doing it right the first time every time!”

Comprehensive Commercial HVAC Services

Commercial heating and cooling is about more than just having the right heater and air conditioner installed. These systems should be well maintained, and matched up with the right indoor air quality products and services to ensure the overall energy efficiency and comfort of your commercial space.

  • Commercial Maintenance – Our commercial maintenance services are customized to your building’s specific needs. We’ll provide a specific quote after your site visit.

  • Commercial Air Conditioning – When summer comes, your business or commercial space has to be prepared to adequately cool down, so you can avoid business interruptions.

  • Commercial Indoor Air Quality – The number on your thermostat is not a good indicator of how healthy your indoor air is. Yes, the quality and effectiveness of your commercial HVAC systems are important, but so too are the products you install to improve the health of your commercial space.

What Commercial HVAC Equipment Is Right for Your Building?

If your commercial space or business is like most in the greater in this region, then you may not have a lot of room to spare to install the number of air conditioning units you might need. Fortunately, that’s where rooftop units come in.

Not only do rooftop units save space, but they benefit business and commercial building owners in a number of additional ways.

  • Flexibility – There’s no need to worry about space if you expand the facility, add tenants, or redesign the commercial space.

  • Easier Maintenance – Our Diagnostic Engineers can easily access your rooftop HVAC units to service them without disrupting your business.

  • Less Noise Pollution – No HVAC system is silent, but having it on the rooftop means it’s mostly out of earshot of you, your employees, tenants, and/or customers.

  • Clean and Safe – HVAC systems on the ground floor are subject to dirt, dust, debris, accidental damage from heavy foot traffic, and vandalism.

  • Easy to Install – Due to their packaged setup, our Installation Specialists have no trouble at all getting these systems in for you, whereas installing a traditional split-system could be more timely and costly.

Just like any other type of residential or commercial HVAC system, the only way rooftop units can work efficiently and effectively for as long as possible is with professional installation and maintenance. Contact our Customer Specialists today to learn more about these systems!